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Irmãos Fischer S/A Inc e Com, is a national company, with projections in other countries, which was born in a modest bicycle repair shop, opened by Ingo Fischer in 1961, with rented premises in the city of Brusque – SC.

With dedication and hard work, the history of Irmãos Fischer took great strides. In 1966, the brothers Ingo and Nivert Fischer officially founded the company which received the name Irmãos Fischer S/A Inc e Com. The company had as objective to repair appliances and the manufacture of stainless steel sinks. It didn’t take too long, until the other brothers joined the company, bringing strength to the founders.

Small shop where the company started, in 1961.

At that time our region had a great development in the fishing industry and Fischer joined the manufacture of special machines for the fishing industry which resulted in strong growth. The history of Fischer was marked by hard working, dynamism, vision and constant research in quality and development of new products. With only six years of existence, it became a joint-stock company, already in its own industrial building.

After investments in its expansion in 1996, the company occupies a new and modern industrial complex. Fischer has 150,000 m² of industrial park where it produces all the products of the segments in which it operates. There are several fully modernized facilities, with investments in technology, industrial processes and logistics to ensure maximum quality and efficiency in all products.

Completing 50 years of history and credibility, Fischer has a constant zeal for the quality of its products, allowing it to conquer the market as a manufacturer of products with high technology, performance, sophistication and durability.

Some images of the company's facilities.

Mission: To provide products that facilitate the work of the home, equipment that assist in the development of civil construction including quality housing and satisfy the individual transportation needs of the clients.

Vision: In pursuit of the proposed mission, the company's board of directors aim achieving the best possible production standards, which will provide constant competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market, guaranteeing the success of the enterprise and, with it, growth and stability of those who base their existence on it.


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Rod. Antonio Heil, km 23, nr 5600
Limoeiro - Brusque / SC


0800 473535

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