Training pull-ups from Sergey Badyuk

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Today I want How to work out at home training program for the week to share with you one find, namely - a scheme for training the back and biceps with pull-ups on the horizontal bar from Sergey Badyuk.

I want to say right away that I myself tested this training on myself. I will say even more: I practically started my journey with it into the world of sports, in a month I increased pull-ups from 8 to 14 (for me it was a record). From time to time I use it now.

If anyone does not know about Sergey Badyuk, in the end I will leave a link to the article for this person.

Well, we start training.

Sergey Badiuk spoke about this training at one of his open seminars in Odessa, devoted to improving the level of general physical fitness (GP). The seminar itself, by the way, was held back in 2012. The benefits of training - they are suitable for ages, for any level of training.

It can be combined with others or performed when there is no time. After all, it takes only 10 minutes, but at the same time is very effective.

So, decide on your level of pull-ups. You should be able to do at least 6-7 times, if you do not know how, then you need a lightweight version in the form of Australian pull-ups.

The bottom line is that you need to perform a certain number of pull-ups How to lose weight in the legs tips and exercises from a fitness trainer for a minimum number of approaches in 10 minutes. In each approach, you give all your best.

If you feel confident on the horizontal bar, take the number 50. If not yet - 30. Well, or between them, varying according to your feelings.

Follow as many approaches as needed. Rest between them take literally 30 seconds - to restore breathing.

If you think this is so easy, then you are very mistaken! After 2-3 approaches, even strong guys will have little strength.

Attention! Performing pull-ups should be clean; check out the technique for doing the exercise on the Internet! Remember that you Crossfit training or weight loss method are training for yourself, and improper performance can harm your body!

One more note: be honest and count only the correct pull-ups. Counting the wrong results in no results.

Once a month or two for trained athletes, you can do sinking(as Badyuk himself affectionately calls her). Its essence is that you double the number of pull-ups. For example, not 50, but 100. And it is very, very difficult, by the way :)

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