Pullups - Exercise Guide

We have collected 7 of the most popular types of pull-ups and 10 tips for their perfect implementation, so that the horizontal bar becomes your real friend.

Pullups - this is one of the basic exercises in fitness, it is quite complex in technique, and requires powerful biceps, large shoulders and steel core. Even if you can pull yourself up without jerks about 20 times, you have something to strive for: the world record for pull-ups was set temporarily in June this year by Boris Nalbantov from Bulgaria: he made 54 repetitions per minute. About how to improve your results and how to perform the most popular pull-up options - below.

3 types of pull-ups for the development of the latissimus dorsi


3 types of pull-ups for the development of the latissimus dorsi


Squeeze the bar

Benefit:Proper grip will allow you to get proper muscle contraction in the upper back and shoulders. This will make you stronger and allow you to easily raise your weight to the crossbar.

How to perform:Stand on a box or bench so that your hands reach the crossbar. Grab it slightly, arms slightly wider than shoulders. Squeeze the brush three times. For the third time, imagine that you are trying to squeeze the bar in your hands. So hold on while pulling up.

Reverse shrag

Benefit:Removes part of the work from the trapezius muscles. Shifts the load to the latissimus dorsi and the big round muscles.

How to perform:Hang on the bar, grab on top. Move the shoulder blades down and back. You will feel how your latitudinal muscles tighten under the armpits, and your shoulders move away from your ears. If you A Complete Guide To Fluoxymesterone are not yet ready to hang on the crossbar, start by doing the reverse shrag on the top link simulator.

Get ready for a punch

Benefit:Most men perform pull-ups with a curved back. However, this undermines the effort and threatens with a back injury. Tighten your stomach, as if you are now being hit in the solar plexus to keep your back straight and firm.

How to perform:Hang on the bar and imagine that you are pulling the navel to the ribs. Maintain this tension throughout the exercise.

Squeeze your buttocks

Benefit:If you compress the gluteal muscles and reduce the hips, you will increase the stability of the lower body so that the legs do not hang out, taking away strength from the upper body.

How to perform:Tighten your buttocks as hard as you can. The pelvis should move slightly upward, and the back should be slightly curved downward.

Bend the body

Benefit:This position will make your latissimus muscles work with the abs. So you will increase stability, which will allow you to focus on lifting the body to the bar.

How to perform:Tighten your abs, bring your hips and straighten your legs slightly forward, so that the body forms a wide "C". Keep this position throughout the exercise.

Move as one

Benefit:The body, which does not bend from the top of the head to the toes, not only uses more muscles, including the gluteus, biceps of the thigh and cortex, but also increases traction in the latissimus muscles and arms.

How to perform:Tighten all the muscles, from the fingers to the toes. Do not relax the body at all, keep the tension from The Step by Step Guide To Testosterone pills Online. The Subtle Art Of Testosterone pills in Bodybuilding hanging to hanging.

Reach for the crossbar with your shoulders

Benefit:If you reach the crossbar with your upper chest and shoulders, and not just your chin, it helps to keep your shoulders in the correct position.

How to perform:Look directly in front of you and slightly bend the body back so that the chin passes the crossbar. If you can, try to touch the crossbar with the collarbone.

Hang below

Benefit:A complete straightening of the hands after each pull-up ensures that you do not use the inertia to do repeat after repeat. Its more difficult, but it will give a greater increase in muscle mass in the long term.

How to perform:Straighten your elbows fully between repetitions.

Exhale on the rise, inhale on the descent

Benefit:Exhaling on the rise increases the crust tension, which facilitates the task of moving as a whole.

How to perform:Do not exhale all the air at once. It is better to use a press to forcefully squeeze air out of the lungs throughout the climb. On the descent, take a breath as you straighten your arms.

Do not fall

Benefit:The descent can help you gain strength even more than the climb. So you cant let the body just fall down. Keep your descent under control.

How to perform:Straightening the hands should take at least 1 second.

How to pull yourself 6737 times: crazy record holder program


How to pull yourself 6737 times: crazy record holder program


1. Reverse grip

Muscles: the broadest, trapezoid, biceps shoulders

Hang on the bar, holding it with a grip from above a little wider than the shoulders. Get out in the chest and straighten your arms completely. Bringing the shoulder blades, pull yourself up and try to touch the upper part of the chest of the crossbar. Controlled back to the starting position and repeat.

2. Reverse tight grip

Muscles: Biceps, Latissimus, Forearm

Hang on the crossbar with your palms together and turning them toward you [A]. Bringing the shoulder blades, bend your arms and pull up, trying to raise your chin above the level of the crossbar [B]. Controlfully return to straight arms and repeat.

3. On the towel

Muscles: latissimus, biceps, forearms

Roll a towel into the tube and throw it over the crossbar. Holding the edges of the towel, hang on it. Get as high as possible, bringing your shoulder blades and feeding your chest forward. Controlled back to the starting position and repeat.

4. Reverse grip, hand to the side

Muscles: latissimus, biceps, forearms

Hang on the bar, holding one hand with her back grip. Take the other hand aside, as if you are going to be pulled by a wide grip [A]. Mostly relying on a hand, palm extended on itself, pull yourself up as high as possible [B]. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Having done the required number of repetitions, rest and change hands.

5. Uncovers

Muscles: latissimus, biceps, forearms

Hang on the bar, grabbing her a little wider than the shoulders. Spread one palm on yourself, the other away Is Injectable steroids Affecting Your Body? from you. Hands straighten [A]. Bending your arms, pull yourself closer to the crossbar as close to your chest as possible [B]. Straighten your arms out of control and return to the starting position. Repeat. Change the position of the hands of each approach, in the end, to make an equal number of repetitions for each version of the grip.

6. Wide grip on the right, left hand

Muscles: latissimus, biceps, forearms

Hang on the crossbar, holding it with a grip a little wider than the shoulders [A]. Bending your arms, pull up and to the right [B]. Return to the starting position, and then pull up and to the left [B]. Continue to alternate hands until the end of the set.

7. Australian pullups

Muscles: latissimus, biceps, forearms

If you will be pulled in this way in the gym, you will need a low horizontal bar. Typically, such horizontal bars are on street venues for workout, so many improvise in the hall. For example, you can easily perform the exercise on Smith's simulator, using the bar from the bar, hung on hooks at the level of the belt instead of the horizontal bar. Do not forget that, as with normal pull-ups, you can change the grip, thus loading different muscle groups.

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