How to increase the number of pull-ups

Pulling up is the most important exercise for men, which helps to build a powerful torso, back and develop biceps. A figure in the shape of a treasured inverted triangle is formed precisely due to pull-ups! Our material contains simple methods on how to increase the number of pull-ups without violating the technique of exercises.

Pullups are one of the most important exercises for both a novice athlete and a seasoned bodybuilder. It helps to develop the muscles of the back and arms and work out the upper body.

Pullups with a partner

When pulling up, use the gravitron to be able to independently set the desired weight of the load. If there is no opportunity to engage in a gym, then pull yourself up on regular horizontal bars, but with a partner.

Breathing exercises

Special breathing exercises will help to increase the number of pull-ups All Proven Ways To Buy Testosterone Cypionate 250mg. So, when lowering the body, you need to take a deep breath through Into Your Number One Friendly (Testosterone injections cost instructions) the nose, when lifting - exhale through the mouth.

100 pull-ups

The essence of the technique is that during the training the athlete must complete 100 pull-ups. The number of approaches can be unlimited, and the interval between approaches should not exceed 2-4 minutes.

Weightlifting Pullups

Weightlifting pulls help improve your workout and strengthen your muscles. This method is suitable for those athletes who are already quite trained and can be pulled over 12 times. It is worth starting with a small additional weight (2.5-5 kg), gradually increasing weights. It is also necessary to take breaks of several days, so as not to harm health.

Jason Armstrong Training

This program is designed for 5 days and focuses on the muscles responsible for traction.

Day 1:Five sets with the maximum number of sets. The break between sets is 90 seconds.

Day 2:The break between sets depends on the number of pull-ups done. So, if you pulled yourself up 2 times, then the break will last 20 seconds, 3 times - 30 seconds, etc.

Day 3:Nine approaches with 3 types of pull-ups: 3 approaches with a wide grip, 3 approaches with a medium grip, 3 approaches with a narrow lower grip. The break between sets is 60 seconds.

Day 4:The maximum number of approaches with the technology of the previous day Deca steroid: How To Get A Decay.

Day 5:Repetition of the most difficult training day.

Increase reps

A similar technique significantly increases strength and endurance.

  • 2 reps, rest 10-15 sec;
  • 3 repetitions, rest 10-15 sec;
  • 5 reps, rest 10-15 sec;
  • 10 reps

Remember that in training, regularity and an increase in the load are important, so do not neglect the classes and soon you will notice progress.

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