50 pull-ups and 7 km in half an hour. What does the best athlete in the world look like and train

For the second year in a row, Matthew Fraser receives the title of the most physically prepared person on the planet and 275 thousand dollars as a reward.

What is the essence

Between August 3 and 6, Matthew Fraser was in California and participated in three to four competitions every day, testing his strength, endurance, dexterity, speed and other qualities. 39 people competed with him, and more than 300 thousand tried to compete at the qualifying stage. The tournament was called CrossFit Games and revealed the most physically prepared person on the planet. Fraser wins his second consecutive year. To understand the level of competition - the master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling from Russia became the eighth in the category of men, 35-39 years old.

Fraser was the first in four of 13 disciplines, in four - the second and first in the total points received for each competition.

One of 13 competitions looks like this:

2.4 km run, 500 meter swim, 2.4 km run (Fraser finished it in 29 minutes, 40 seconds). For comparison, the CCM in athletics runs 5 km in 14:40, and the CCM in swimming will swim 500 meters in about 5 minutes 15 seconds. True, Fraser on the same day will have to pass two more tests. Cross-country cycling, 7.2 km with slight obstacles (Fraser's result is 19 minutes, 52 seconds).

And the Amanda complex, when you do 13 exits on the rings, and then Winstrol dosage The Best Shortcut To Body Of Your Dream squat 13 times, holding a 61 kg barbell over your head. Then the same thing 11, 9, 7 and 5 times. Its more convenient to watch the video.

Fraser made Amanda in 8 minutes and 18 seconds. That is, during this time he crouched 45 times holding a 61-kilogram barbell over his head and made the same number of exits on the rings. So his first day at the tournament passed, in the next three he performed 10 more similar tasks.

Something similar was a year ago - the Crossfit Games competitions in 2017 mark the tenth anniversary and their own incredible progress. In 2007, the tournament was more like a competition of advanced athletes, and the winner received $ 500.

There are several more understandable complexes that obeyed Fraser at different times. Now you can relax and imagine. A 9 kg vest is on you, you run 1,600 m (one mile) in it, then do five laps, where one lap is 20 pull-ups, 40 push-ups and 60 squats, and then run one mile again. Fraser spends 35 minutes, 47 seconds.

Weightlifting barbell jerk with maximum weight, Fraser result 131 kg. This is 86 kg less than the absolute world record, but no one expects a quick run from a weightlifter in the +105 kg category. In another competition, Fraser runs 7 km cross country in 34 minutes 10 seconds. The pace of 5 minutes per kilometer is normal - the result is for an amateur athlete, but at the stadium. Here, the run looks like this:

And the day after your run you can have 500 meters of swimming in open water (Fraser - 7 minutes 37 seconds).

CrossFitHQ YouTube Channel Screenshot

The last competition of games in 2017 was called the Fibonacci Final. It was necessary 5 times to lift weights from the floor with a total weight of 92 kg and the same amount to be wrung out in a handstand with stops. Then the same thing for 8 and 13 times. Immediately after lunging 27 meters, holding a weight of 25 kg overhead. The winner completed this in five and a half minutes. Fraser became the second.

Who is Matthew Fraser

He is 27 years old, and winning the Crossfit Games twice, he refutes the view that super athletes should be very big. Fraser height - 170 cm.

He was born in Canadian Colchester in the family of a pair of skaters Don Fraser and Candacey Jones. This couple in 1976 tried to compete at the Olympic Games with Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev, but lost to them, and indeed to everyone. The Fraser / Jones Duo was the 14th out of 14 participating pairs in Innsbourg. In 1990, they will have a son, whom they taught to swim in one year, water skiing - one and a half and put in weightlifting at 12. Matt was the best in America by age for three championships in a row, had to go to the World Cup among juniors in Romania, but Exercises with dumbbells in pictures during training damaged the lowest vertebra of the lumbar. It is called L5 and is located directly above the sacrum and tailbone.

The only person who did not tell Fraser that his athletic career was over was surgeon Robert Bry, who placed two titanium plates and six bone screws in the spinal column of an athlete, Stephanie Epstein writes on

In 2010, Fraser returned, became the third in the US Championship and realized that it was worth getting an education at the same time as sports. At some point, Mat did not train for four months, gained 12 kg of excess weight and entered the CrossFit gym nearest to the university, simply because there was everything necessary for weightlifting.

Infinitely, it is impossible to be a neighbor with people who make crossfit complexes. Mata was embarrassed by endurance work. I'm used to taking one hard approach and resting after it for five minutes, but not working for several minutes in a row, recalls Fraser. In 2012, he took part in local competitions and was surprised when he won them and 500 dollars in addition. In 2013, he will try to qualify for CrossFit-Games, but will not pass the second qualifying stage. In 2014 it will be the seventh, in 2015 the second I hate this medal and this year, in 2016 and 2017 Fraser will be the most physically prepared person on the planet.

How does he train

A particular challenge for athletes is the fact that all 13 tasks are kept secret until the last. Yes, you know roughly what components they will consist of. Yes, there are several classic combinations. Yes, you absolutely will need running, pulling up, swimming and working with the barbell, so devote yourself to this all year.

Mat admits that, being a good weightlifter, he did not pay enough attention to the top of the body and, for example, his result in the bench press was only 70 kg. There is practically no bench press in any complex, but many options for push-ups force athletes to monitor their upper body.

At some point, Fraser went to running training with 14-year-old students and admitted that it was very humiliating when the boys destroy a man on a stadium track. Now he is engaged with triathlete Chris Hinshaw and does several running trainings a week. As a rule, this is interval training, for example 200-meter accelerations with rest in the form of 100 meters jog. Moreover, there can be more than ten such segments, which brings the total distance closer to 6-7 km. I dont need to try to run the mile in 4 minutes, Id rather run it in five and be able to lift 500 pounds (226 kg), says Matt about running.

Now his records on the official website look like this: the maximum number of pull-ups is 50, the push of the barbell is 170 kg, the squat is 220 kg. Complex Fran (holding a 43-kilogram barbell on your chest you squat, stand up and lift it above your head and so on 21 times, immediately pull the field 21 times on the crossbar. Then everything is the same 15 and 9 times) Fraser performs in two minutes seven seconds.

Fraser himself admits that the weight lifting technique is enough for the basic exercises with the crossfit barbell, but he has to work hard on stretching and difficult coordination exercises.

Fraser also had to rethink his diet. Refuse from sweet and starchy foods; his contract with a supplier of ready-made meals stipulates that 90% of the athletes diet will be vegetables and meat. Fraser admits to feeling the effect.

In addition, Matt uses a popular brand of muscle stimulants that tone and restore muscle after exertion. Today, these athletes are actively using in many sports.

Unfortunately, for those who are impressed, Matt describes his lifestyle in much the same way as top How to Create the Perfect Body with Steroids online athletes in different sports do. Strength training alternates with stretching complexes; running is combined with swimming.

In the last month before the competition, almost no one sees me, except my girlfriend. Most of the time I spend in my room, and I just say to myself, "Get up, you have to do it." I understand that when I come to the games, I will get an advantage only because I trained in those moments when others did not train, says Matt Fraser.

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