10 secrets of perfect pull-up on the crossbar

For so many guys, pulling up is one of the least favorite parts of a workout. Everything goes back to school physical education classes, where teachers demanded to take tests for pull-ups, but did not bother to tell how to correctly perform this exercise.

Today we will fill in the annoying gap: here 10 secrets of perfect pull-ups which will allow you to get in shape as quickly as possible.

Smooth movement

The biggest mistake will be the buildup of the body and body. This approach will not bring you anything (except the disapproving views of others). Perform the ascent and descent very smoothly, remaining in the same plane.


It is very important to monitor breathing throughout the exercise. Inhale on the rise (this will strengthen the muscles of the cortex), exhale Prohormone - Legal Steroids Supplements on the descent, trying to do this simultaneously with straightening the arms.

Descent Control

A common mistake is to let your body just fall down under the influence of gravity. In fact, it will be much more effective to lower slowly, controlling muscle tension.

Straightening hands

Straighten your arms fully in each repetition. Yes, it will be more difficult, but the result will please you much more.


Shoulders to the Crossbar

Ideally, the crossbar should not be reached with the chin, but with the upper part of the chest. To do this, you How to remove the stomach at home 10 exercises Bubnovsky will have to practice a little - the higher you lift the body, the more you have to make efforts.

Constant pressure

Pulling involves all the muscles of the body. But you just need to perform it correctly: tighten your muscles and do not relax throughout the approach.

Buttocks and hips

It is important to remember the stable position of the lower body. Bring the hips together and squeeze the gluteal muscles - so the legs will not dangle in the air and interfere with the proper execution of the exercise.

Flat back

By bending your back, you make it easier for yourself to do the exercise, but you risk getting a serious spinal injury. Keep your back straight and firm.

Turn on the widest

Try to consciously switch the muscles most involved in the exercise. By moving the shoulder blades down and back, you will connect the latissimus dorsi muscles to active work - this is simply necessary for those who want to form the correct male figure.

Right grip

Pay attention to the position of the thumb when pulling up. To facilitate the work, many do not Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot) - Buy Cheap - Order Stanozolol start it behind the crossbar - this is a mistake that does not allow to fully get all the advantages of the exercise.

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