Which protein is considered more beneficial and why some amino acids are indispensable

Squirrels Are substances that consist of such vital chemical elements as carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), less often sulfur (S). The composition of proteins may include other chemical elements.

Squirrels are macromolecules, Whose "bricks" are amino acids.

The peculiarity of these chemicals in comparison with carbohydrates and fats is that they are necessary for the construction of our body and for monitoring vital processes.

Of 30 famous amino acids, 8 of them are indispensable. And they are indispensable due to the fact that the body cannot synthesize them on its own.

It turns out that protein is critical to sustaining life What Exactly Is HCG results? on Earth.


§  Protein functions

§  Essential Amino Acids

§  Protein sources

§  Sources of Essential Amino Acids

§  Nutritional classification of protein

§  Proteins of the first class (increased importance)

§  Proteins of the second class (medium importance)

§  Proteins of the third class (low significance)

§  Need for protein

Proteins are the bricks of our body!

Protein functions

The most important functions of proteins are:

§  are part of all tissues and support their recovery, for example, with injuries;

§ in some situations, in the absence of other energy substances (carbohydrates and fats), protein can serve source of energy. As a result of protein metabolism, carbon dioxide (CO2), urea, uric acid, water and other chemicals are released. One gram of protein can give the body about 4.1 calories;

§ participate in the distribution of water and substances dissolved in it throughout the body;

§ involved in the production of antibodies, which are necessary to protect the body from dangerous microorganisms;

§ enter hormones;

§ are part of enzymes.

Essential Amino Acids

For the production of proteins, the body needs both essential amino acids and interchangeable amino acids in various The program of training and nutrition on the landscape of Theseus Oftop at TJ proportions depending on the needs.

The presence of essential amino acids in food gives them special nutritional value.

Every day, our body needs a certain amount of each essential amino acid.

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Usually protein animal origin It contains essential amino acids in a more optimal concentration and is more balanced in comparison with foods of plant origin.

Protein sources

The most important sources of protein are:

§  meat and meat products - 20-30 g per 100 g;

§ legumes - 20-25 g per 100 g;

§ cheeses - 13-28 g per 100 g;

§ eggs - 12 g per 100 g;

§ pasta - 10-15 g per 100 g;

§ bread - 10 g per 100 g;

§  milk - 3.5 g per 100 g.

Sources of Essential Amino Acids

The main sources of essential amino acids are:

§ cheeses;

§ eggs;

§ meat;

§ milk.

The remaining (interchangeable) amino acids the human body can produce independentlyfrom other substances.

Nutritional classification of protein

Depending on the biological value for the body, food protein is classified as follows:

§ Proteins of the first class;

§ Proteins of the second class;

§ Proteins of the third class.

By importance for the human body, proteins can be classified into three categories

Proteins of the first class (increased importance)

This type of protein is especially valuable because of the optimal content of essential acids in them.

Proteins of the first class are involved in such processes:

§  maintaining protein metabolism;

§ development and growth of a young organism;

§ maintenance of hormonal and enzyme metabolism.

This type of protein is found in such foods:

§ milk;

§ cheeses;

§ meat;

§ eggs.

Proteins of the second class (medium importance)

As a rule, proteins fall into this group. plant origin.

Deficiency of some essential amino acids can be eliminated if you consume 2 types of food:

§  bean (beans, peas, lentils);

§ cereals (wheat, rice, rye).

If there is only cereal or only legumes (as the main source of protein), the body can form deficiency of certain essential amino acids. This rule is especially important for vegetarians.

To meet the needs of the body with proteins, consuming proteins of the second class, a person will need The combination of cardio and strength training for weight loss to eat double amounts compared to proteins of the first class.

Proteins of the third class (low significance)

This type of protein has a very low biological role. Typically, foods containing such proteins contain a very small amount of essential amino acids.

The main foods containing proteins of the third class are:

§ corn protein (zein);

§ cartilage;

§ tendons;

§ bone gelatin.

This type of protein is not particularly valuable for protein metabolism and does not help young organisms grow.

Need for protein

The need for protein is determined not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively.

For example, an adult requires that the amount of essential amino acids be 30-50% of the total proteins, for children, pregnant and lactating mothers, the amount of essential amino acids is 50-70% of the total number of amino acids.

It was noticed that an adult needs a normal metabolism about 1-1.5 g of protein per 1 kg of weight per day. The caloric value of this amount is 11-13% of the total number of calories consumed per day.

The amount of protein needed varies depending on such factors:

§ working conditions;

§ age;

§ health status;

§  pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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