Essential amino acids - the main sports supplement, the secret of my form and life hack for training without chemistry

Any person wants to have a beautiful and muscular body, without the use of harmful drugs. All this is achievable with competent training, and good nutrition. Be sure to use the so-called limiting amino acids (hereinafter simply amino). Why limiting? With a lack of even one of these amino in the diet, muscle growth is difficult!

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The assimilation of proteins (proteins) obtained from food will be incomplete, and the proteins themselves will be called "inferior."

The body will not be able to absorb protein, build muscle and even just be healthy!

Some vegans deprive their children of animal protein. But, to replace the "full" animal protein, we need to combine many types of vegetable protein. Many vegans do not know how to do this and the child does not receive all 8 amino acids.

The exclusion of even one of the indispensable amino acids from a protein leads to stunted growth and a decrease in body weight of a developing organism!

Sources of animal protein

Sources of animal protein

Interesting Facts:

1. Training dramatically increases the body's need for amino.

2. The use of a huge amount of protein (protein is a protein) leads to overload of the digestive system, liver and kidneys, and proteins cease to be absorbed.

3. The intake of amino in the form of a sports supplement does not lead to organ overload, and even helps their work. Protein drinks do not give such an effect! Therefore, during the work on the ground, amino can help us by reducing the "wear Lots of Surprising facts about TRI tren side effects and tear of the body."

4. 8 grams of amino roughly replaces 200 grams of breast. Based on this fact, you can imagine how much you can help your body by drinking this supplement at least 2 times a day!

5. According to scientists' studies, essential amino acids give an anti-catabolic effect, preserving muscles with a calorie deficit (on drying or during fasting).

I have always been looking for a supplement that will help me improve my results without being a chemistry. In the end, I set up my table with amino banks. They always stand in a prominent place and I constantly drink 6-8 capsules, at least three times a day. On "drying" the dosage is doubled!

Sources of Plant Protein

Sources of Plant Strength Training Program for Women Protein

What does it give:

1. Strength indicators are stable, as I am insured against catabolism and overtraining (amino - excellent reducing agents).

2. Muscle mass does not burn. You can eat 500 calories a day, skip breakfast or dinner. This is bad for growth, but there will be no muscle loss! Just burn some fat.

3. I have more energy and feel healthier.

4. High quality sleep, great appetite.

I never drink protein! It is checked - simple carbohydrates are illegally added to any protein. I Swim myself from the protein and see a similar effect among my colleagues. With amino this does not happen - only dry and relief muscles!

I gathered this information bit by bit, a decisive role was played by the meeting with Professor Eric Mikhailovich Ter Sargsyan, who devoted his life to the study of amino acids. So I found out how many amino acids from plant materials are now on the market, and why amino acids obtained from plants do not work well!

Read this article to the end, then watch a video of the meeting with the professor. The correct order will allow you to get the maximum benefit from the study of materials. You will learn how amino acids are made, why they should not be obtained from plant materials, a lot of useful information. How to get amino from products:


Meat, dairy products, nuts, oats, wheat, chocolate.

Supports immunity, regulates blood sugar. Removes toxins from the liver, enhances spermatogenesis, restores bone tissue.


Meat, dairy products, mushrooms, cereals.

Improves muscle metabolism. Accelerates rehabilitation after an injury. Increases serotonin - a hormone of good mood. Essential for the brain and central nervous system.


Poultry, fish, cheese, eggs, cashews, soy, lentils, almonds.

Increases endurance, gives energy to muscles. Rehabilitation of injuries. Normalization of blood sugar, hemoglobin synthesis.


Bird, fish, eggs, rice, soy, beans, nuts.

Increases the production of growth hormone, stimulates muscle growth. Helps to restore damaged muscle and bone tissue after injuries. It softens the symptoms of toxicosis of pregnant women, lowers blood sugar.


Red meat, fish, cheese, milk, potatoes, lentils, soy, yeast.

It has a pronounced antiviral effect. Effectively combine with vitamin C. Resists the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, improves the absorption of calcium (restoration and bone growth).


Meat, liver, eggs, legumes, cottage cheese, garlic, onions.

Helps in the processing of fats. Starts the activity of enzymes. Lowers the level of "bad" cholesterol. Antioxidant. Detoxification of the body (allergies and toxicosis of pregnant women, liver detoxification). Protects from radiation.


Eggs, dairy products, legumes (beans, peas).

Increases immunity, resists fatty liver disease. Improves tooth enamel, the work of the gastrointestinal tract and brain.


Eggs, milk, cottage cheese, nuts (cashews).

Relieves irritability (including in women during PMS), gives stress resistance, good sleep. Stimulates the production of growth hormone. Good for the heart.


Bird, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, rice, nuts, avocado, bananas, sesame seeds and pumpkins.

Synthesis of hormones, including thyroid, insulin and growth hormone! Helps the work of the kidneys and stomach, increases endurance!

And this is only part of the functions, only 8 of the 20 amino acids! Which means that a deficiency of even one of the amino acids will lead not only to a halt in muscle growth, but also to a violation of various body functions and diseases!


1. Amino build muscle - being "natural anabolics."

2. Protect muscles from catabolism

3. Participate in the formation of other amino acids

4. They are part of coenzymes, bile acids, and even antibiotics.

5. Help form hormone, neurotransmitters and neurotransmitters.

6. Participate in the metabolism.

7. Support the work of all Trenbolone Mix For Sale, Buy Injectable Steroids organs and all body systems.

8. Increase immunity

9. Allow to relieve the digestive system

10. You will be able to absorb more protein with less strain on the organs of your body.

Tell me, what else supplement can be even more basic and to such an extent affects the health of our body and muscle growth? As usual, I will wait for your answers in the comments to the article!

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