What attitude to bodybuilding in the Soviet Physical Effects of Testosterone Propionate before and after Union was, why did girls use steroids, what ultimately killed the classic female bodybuilding and what new categories of this sport appeared, we tell together with experts.

Female bodybuilding as an independent discipline developed at the beginning of the 20th century. The first contest, which evaluated women according to bodybuilding standards, was held in 1978. In 1980, they introduced the first women's nomination in the main competition among bodybuilders "Mr. Olympia." Many girls spent hours in the gym to win the Miss Olympia world title.

Natalya Batova

international master of sports in bodybuilding, four-time champion of Russia

- I weighed 49 kilograms with a height of 170 centimeters. Some consider this an ideal setting, but I have never followed established standards. I felt very constrained and uncertain: I wore clothes two sizes larger. In 1988, for the first time I saw on the TV screen the world stars of bodybuilding and realized - this is my way. I was not afraid of difficulties - I decided to become a champion.

In the Soviet Union, athleticism (as bodybuilding was called then) was not welcomed. Athletism is a sport of egoists. Narcissism is alien to Soviet man. This is a sport for entertaining the decaying West - such expressions in Soviet textbooks for sports universities represented bodybuilding. Guys who tried to work on the formation of a muscular and harmoniously developed body were expelled from the halls.

For the first time I came to the gym at the age of 21. In my environment there was not a single person who would simply support. They laughed at my goal and simply did not believe that I could do it. I walked all the way alone, I had no coach. But I often listened to the advice of experienced athletes and coaches - thanks to them.

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Natalya Batova

The competition among women was constantly growing, everything went in the direction of increasing muscle mass to the detriment of aesthetics and the right proportions. Girls began to use steroids, which led to pronounced symptoms of masculinization (rough voice, atrophy of the mammary glands, male facial features).

Natalya Batova

international master of sports in bodybuilding, four-time champion of Russia

- The fastest wins on the run, among those who lift the bars - the strongest, in bodybuilding - the most muscular and harmonious. This turned out to be true for the male category, but when women with a weight of 8090 kg began to appear on the stage, the organizers grabbed their heads. It was already not like a sport, but rather a freak show. Attempts were made to stop women and appeal to their prudence, but this was practically impossible. When you are in the process of muscle gain and consider it beautiful, you wont stop.

In 2005, the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) introduced the twenty percent rule. The memorandum indicated that women in the bodybuilding category should reduce their muscularity by twenty percent for medical Exercises with dumbbells Sport and Health and aesthetic reasons. "Men's faces" in female bodybuilding attracted fewer viewers and sponsors. In 2015, the title "Miss Olympia" was not awarded to anyone. The nomination has disappeared.

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Sergey Yugay

fitness blogger, fitness methodologist, bronze medalist of the St. Petersburg bodybuilding championship

- Many people are not enthusiastic about female bodybuilding - both men and women. I am for gender equality, but I must admit that in recent years, female bodybuilding is really losing popularity. Even the name itself is excluded from the IFBB competition rules. This decision was made at the international congress of the federation marked "in connection with the loss of spectator interest." The category was replaced with another option - womens physique, but it is also characterized by rather large muscle volumes and surpasses the American figure and Russian bodyfitness in this. Corey Everson, Kim Chizhevsky, Iris Kyle gave way to fitness models and bikinis. These nominations attract a large number of participants and spectators.

I am calm about female bodybuilding. A person has the right to do what he likes. The words "ugly", "unaesthetic", "un womanly" I never use. But in the near future I do not see serious prospects for muscle female categories. The fashion for harmony appealed to the public. So, perhaps, society will continue to perceive pumped-up girls as freaks.

Instead of the classic female bodybuilding, they formed the direction of womens physique. But the meaning has remained roughly the same. The main criterion is large muscle volumes and relief (dry body). As a rule, athletes are forced to resort to anabolic steroids - building the body necessary for this category is impossible because of the low production of testosterone and the natural hormonal background in women.

In the women fitness category, muscle volume requirements are lower, but the requirements for relief are higher. In addition, the competition program includes not only posing, but also gymnastic elements. The rule led to the fact that former gymnasts and acrobats mainly performed in this category. Therefore, they came up with another category - women bodyfitness. The judges pay attention to the relief of the figure, muscles, while hypertrophy and pronounced veins are not welcome here. The proportions ideal for body fitness are broad shoulders and narrow hips, correct posture is still important. In addition to physical data, the judges pay attention to the hairstyle, makeup, gait and confidence on the stage.

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The youngest category - fitness bikini - was formed in 2011. Round buttocks, narrow hips, a flat stomach are welcome here. Competitions are more like Methenolone acetate (Primobolan Oral) Cheap best - by Biotech Beijing Labs a beauty contest, the results can be achieved without pharmacological intervention. But the level of the participants is so high that visually they are not much different from the sports categories of bodybuilding. The only difference is that, for example, they cannot receive the title of master of sports.

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