Bodybuilding in Russia and the world - history and modernity

Bodybuilding is the process of maximum development of muscle groups by an athlete and the construction of certain body proportions through a combination of strength training, relaxation and a specific nutrition system.

Bodybuilding is becoming more common every year. But where did it all begin? Let's talk about the main milestones in the development of this sport.

What is bodybuilding?


Bodybuilding - (from the English bodybuilding - bodybuilding) - the process of transformation of the body, mainly due tomuscle hypertrophyand reduce body fat.


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As a sport, bodybuilding has its own competitions, during which participants demonstrate to the judges their physique, for which they, in turn, assign a certain number of points.

The main idea of ??bodybuilding is that each person, thanks to working on himself, can build the body he dreams of.

The origins of bodybuilding lie in weightlifting, but unlike this sport, the bodybuilder does not care what weight he lifts. But it matters how the working weight affects the appearance and proportions of the body, how much he managed to work out large and small muscles, how much they are relief and voluminous, what is in the bodythe ratio of adipose and muscle tissue.

To achieve significant results in bodybuilding, one training is not enough, the athlete should pay special attention to his regimen: he should get enough sleep (night sleep for at least 8 hours), maintain a certain diet Beginners Guide: Winstrol price in USA, take nutritional supplements, give his muscles enough time to recover.

In modern bodybuilding, the problem of doping is acute. For the sake of quick and impressive results, many athletes, both professionals and amateurs, risk their health and start taking steroid drugs.

However, do not confuse anabolics with nutritional supplements, which in their composition have vital nutrients that every athlete needs in order for the body to cope with heavy loads and effectively recover.

From the history of bodybuilding

Three key milestones determined the development of this sport in the past and present century.

Start - Eugene Sandow

bodybuilding historyThe first person who began to develop serious training programs wasEugene Sandow, they call him "The father of modern bodybuilding". The most honorable award for a professional bodybuilder - the statuette of the winner of the contest "Mr. Olympia" - depicts precisely the pioneer of modern professional bodybuilding.

Eugene Sandow, a native of Germany, began his career with a demonstration of power tricks to the public. However, over time, he realized that not only the weight that he can lift is important, but also the beauty of his body.

He developed a harmonious powerful muscle and built his program of performances on the fact that he imitated the poses of ancient sculptors, demonstrating his muscles. This show Eugene drove across Europe and America.

In England, he created a network of athletic clubs, published a specialized magazine, issued textbooks, published his training programs, and in 1901 held the first bodybuilding tournament. He was even appointed as the personal trainer of the English King George V.

Eugene Sandow died in 1920 according to the official version as a result of a stroke.

New Level - The Wyder Brothers

At that moment, when the Wyder brothers entered the game, bodybuilding did not stand still, it had already reached a certain level: training manuals appeared, specialized magazines were published, and magazines openedGYM's, competitions were held.

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However, the brothers were able to raise bodybuilding to a new level. It is with their name that the creation of the International Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB) in 1946 and the start of the most prestigious competition among professional bodybuilders, Mr. Olympia, are associated.

It was thanks Pleasant with helpful expert on the diversity and benefits of sports nutrition to the Wyder brothers that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legend of bodybuilding, who seven times became Mr. Olympia, came to America from Austria.

The story of Joe Vader, perhaps the key figure in popularizing modern bodybuilding, a commercially developed industry with millions of fans, can be seen in the next video.

Modernity - The World of Professionals

According to unofficial data, today in the world there are about 300 professional bodybuilders (in order to get a professional card, you need to win a competition of international importance).

professional bodybuildingEach professional is assigned to a federation that pays him money for training and competing.

Only Mr. IFBB professional members can participate in the Mr. Olympia competition. In addition, members of this organization are not allowed to participate in competitions organized by other associations.

The International Federation of Bodybuilding holds competitions among professionals in various categories:

  • Mr. Olympia (male bodybuilding),
  • Miss Olympia (female bodybuilding),
  • Fitness Olympia (female fitness) and
  • Bodyfitness Olympia (female bodyfitness),

In which winners of the intermediate competitions in the corresponding categories participate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger holds annual competitions:

  • Arnold Classic (male bodybuilding),
  • Miss International (Women Bodybuilding),
  • Figure International and
  • Miss Fitness International.

The competitions "Mr. Olympia for Veterans" (for bodybuilders over 40 years old) and "Champions Night" are also very popular.

Mr. Olympia

modern bodybuildingThe first annual international competition among professional bodybuilders, Mr. Olympia, was held in 1965 in New York. The first winner in the history of these competitions was Larry Scott (received the title of Mr. Olympia for the second time in 1966).

Arnold Schwarzenegger won 7 Olympia statuettes from 1970 to 1980; Lee Haney, the Black King of Bodybuilding, who became the 8-time champion of Mr. Olympia, broke his record. Nina: "Poverty will go away! Just in the corner of the house keep the usual ..." "Anyone with varicose veins, read it - until it is removed! This will permanently relieve varicose veins in 4 days and ..."

It should also be noted two more Olympians: Dorian Yates - British Hippo won 6 Olympia titles (1992-1997).

He was replaced by Roni Coleman, who today has won the international competition eight times, but to surpass Lee Haney's achievement already seems unattainable. In 2018, Sean Roden became the new champion.

The winners of the competition and the number of their victories in the entire history:


Lee Haney



Ronnie Coleman



Arnold Schwarzenegger

1970-1975, 1980


Phil heath



Dorian yates



Jay cutler

20062007, 20092010


Sergio Oliva



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Larry scott



Franco Colombo

1976, 1981


Chris Dickerson



Samir Bannut



Dexter jackson



Sean Roden


And the struggle for the main prize in bodybuilding is only getting tougher every year.

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Female bodybuilding

bodybuilding championsFemale bodybuildingas an independent discipline began to develop at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1965, the first Miss Universe contest was held, and in 1980 - Miss Olympia.

The first record for the number of victories in the Miss Olympia competition was set by 6-time winner of the statuette Corey Everson. Only Lenda Murray was able to overtake her, which 8 times climbed to the top of Olympus (the last time in 2003).

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Trends of the 21st century mark a decrease in interest in female bodybuilding, so the financial support of sponsors is moving down. In recent years, the popularity of fitness competitions has been growing rapidly.

These changes even pushed the four-time Miss Olympia Kim Chizhevsky to lose muscle mass and switch to fitness competitions.

The development of bodybuilding in the USSR and Russia

Since bodybuilding has American roots, then, of course, in the Soviet Union this sport was considered a relic of the bourgeois system, which a real man should not do.

In January 1966, under the auspices of the Sports Life of Russia and the Moscow Komsomolets, the first official bodybuilding tournament in Russia was held in the Luzhniki Small Sports Arena, in which 27 athletes participated.

In addition to the traditional posing of bodybuilders, the competition program also included power competitions: squats with a barbell and bench press. The winner was named Igor Petrukhin. The next year and a half, he participated in 12 more competitions in Moscow, Belarus, the Baltic States, in which he also became the winner.

Then the authorities began the official persecution of athletes who were engaged in bodybuilding. Competitions moved underground, and the star Igor Petrukhin now acted in the circus as a power juggler and trainer of bears.

Currently, bodybuilding in Russia is carried out by branches of foreign federations and associations that exhibit their athletes in international competitions. itFederation of Bodybuilding and Fitness of Russia (FBFR), which is part of IFBB, NABBA and WABBA (World Amateur Bodybuilding Association, WABBA).

A significant role in the development of bodybuilding in Russia was played by Vladimir Dubinin - prize-winner of the USSR bodybuilding championships, president of the Russian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation until 2018.

The world of bodybuilding in the modern CIS is huge. In almost every club, you will see athletes performing.

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